Teknon Academy’s Reproductive Sciences programme enables you to undertake a research project that will improve understanding of Reproductive Sciences.

This area hosts a clinical and academic research programme with the overarching aim of improving the safety and efficacy of assisted conception (IVF) treatment.

Our specific aims are to:
– Understand the biochemistry and molecular biology of early human embryo development and in particular, the impact of the in vitro environment and IVF technologies;

– Use IVF technologies as a model intervention (the only ethically acceptable one) in early human development to understand early programming of child and adult health;

– Derive embryonic stem cells from human embryos for use as: (a) a model system for the study of early human development and (b) a source of cells for regenerative medicine therapies.

Head of Gynaecology & Obstetrics Training: Dr. Javier Del Pozo Roselló

Any queries? Contact us: info@teknonacademy.com